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Video Enhancement for Medical and Surveillance Applications

[ Vol. 13 , Issue. 2 ]


M. Ramamoorthy* and U. Sabura Banu   Pages 195 - 203 ( 9 )


Live video laparoscopic surgery and visual surveillance has been an important research in the past few years. Laparoscopic surgery is a modern video tracking surgical technique in which operations are performed distantly from their location through small incisions (usually 0.5–1.5 cm) in a different place in the body. The visual surveillance system starts with motion detection or tracking. This motion object detection method, attempts to locate connected regions that define, relate the moving objects within the scene; like frame-to-frame difference, background subtraction and motion analysis, the object is detected and tracked from an enhanced video. For these we have defined two different approaches. First one is the Laparoscope Surgery video and Surveillance video Enhancement (LSSVE) algorithm and another algorithm used for only surveillance application background subtraction algorithm. The main goal of the video enhancement algorithm is many objects or activities of interest occur in a blood vessel and dark environment which cannot be seen easily without enhancement. For this development, we follow three different methods, In the second algorithm of background subtraction using dynamic threshold and a mixture of Gaussian three different methods are used effectively for object detection and compared their basis of performance on the accessible tacking the accurate location and detection. In laparoscope surgery, a camera and light provide feedback to the surgeon, who sees the enlarged and video enhanced surgical elements on a TV monitor. The video surveillance system does frame differences, after the object foreground detection, the parameters like speed, velocity and motion are determined.


Background modelling, background subtraction, live video laparoscopic surgery, LSSVE algorithm, object tracking, visual surveillance.


Research Scholar, Information Technology, B.S.Abdur Rahman University, Chennai, Professor, Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, B.S. Abdur Rahman University, Chennai, 600 048

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