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Perceptions of E-portfolio Use in Lifelong Learning and Professional Development Among Radiology Professionals

[ Vol. 13 , Issue. 4 ]


M.M. Abuzaid*, W. Elshami, L. David and Barry Stevens   Pages 495 - 501 ( 7 )


Introduction: The aim of this study was to gain an understanding of radiology professionals' awareness of, and approach towards e-portfolio use. A further aim was to monitor the effect of the training intervention, and individuals' views and attitudes towards e-portfolio usage in their continuous professional development.

Materials and Methods: Questionnaires were initially distributed to 142 radiology professionals in the pre-intervention phase to investigate individuals' knowledge and understanding of e-portfolios. An intervention phase was then carried out consisting of training such as lectures, handouts, and group discussions relative to the benefits of e-portfolio use. Post-intervention questionnaires were then distributed to those participants who had responded to the initial survey and had experienced training during the intervention phase. Quantitative data were collected through the pre and postintervention questionnaires using attitudinal questions with Likert scales. Results were then analyzed to determine any significant correlations following the intervention.

Results: Ninety-nine respondents completed the questionnaire in the pre-intervention phase resulting in a response rate of 70%. The response rate decreased to 55% in the post-intervention phase. Statistically, significant post-intervention results indicate that radiology professionals' perceptions towards e-portfolios improved following training and enhanced their interest to adopt it for lifelong learning.

Discussion: It is evident that individuals' understanding of what e-portfolios are and how they can help to develop an individual both professionally and personally is lacking. Following the intervention period the positive responses from participants increased significantly indicating that in order to encourage the future use of e-portfolios amongst those who work in radiology, either clinically or academically, prior training and awareness sessions would be beneficial.


Radiology professionals, e-portfolio, lifelong learning, continuing professional development, post-intervention, Likert scales.


University of Sharjah, Medical Diagnostic Imaging Department, Sharjah, P.O. Box: 27272, Medical Diagnostic Imaging Department, University of Sharjah, Sharjah, P.O. Box: 27272, Medical Diagnostic Imaging Department, University of Sharjah, Sharjah, P.O. Box: 27272, SOR Accredited Advanced Practitioner, Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust, Walsall Manor Hospital, Moat Road, Walsall West-Midlands, WS2 9PS

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