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LNTP-MDBN: Big Data Integrated Learning Framework for Heterogeneous Image Set Classification

[ Vol. 15 , Issue. 2 ]


D. Franklin Vinod* and V. Vasudevan   Pages 227 - 236 ( 10 )


Background: With the explosive growth of global data, the term Big Data describes the enormous size of dataset through the detailed analysis. The big data analytics revealed the hidden patterns and secret correlations among the values. The major challenges in Big data analysis are due to increase of volume, variety, and velocity. The capturing of images with multi-directional views initiates the image set classification which is an attractive research study in the volumetricbased medical image processing.

Methods: This paper proposes the Local N-ary Ternary Patterns (LNTP) and Modified Deep Belief Network (MDBN) to alleviate the dimensionality and robustness issues. Initially, the proposed LNTP-MDBN utilizes the filtering technique to identify and remove the dependent and independent noise from the images. Then, the application of smoothening and the normalization techniques on the filtered image improves the intensity of the images.

Results: The LNTP-based feature extraction categorizes the heterogeneous images into different categories and extracts the features from each category. Based on the extracted features, the modified DBN classifies the normal and abnormal categories in the image set finally.

Conclusion: The comparative analysis of proposed LNTP-MDBN with the existing pattern extraction and DBN learning models regarding classification accuracy and runtime confirms the effectiveness in mining applications.


Big data, deep belief network, heterogeneous data, image set classification, local ternary patterns, pattern recognition.


Department of Information Technology, Kalasalingam University, Virudhunagar, Tamil Nadu 626126, Department of Information Technology, Kalasalingam University, Virudhunagar, Tamil Nadu 626126

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