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An Intuitionistic Fuzzy Based Novel Approach to CPU Scheduler


Supriya Raheja*   Pages 1 - 12 ( 12 )


Background: The extension of CPU schedulers with fuzzy has been ascertained better because of its unique capability of handling imprecise information. Though, other generalized forms of fuzzy can be used which can further extend the performance of the scheduler. Discussion: This paper introduces a novel approach to design an intuitionistic fuzzy inference system for CPU scheduler. The proposed inference system is implemented with a priority scheduler. The proposed scheduler has the ability to dynamically handle the impreciseness of both priority and estimated execution time. It also makes the system adaptive based on the continuous feedback. The proposed scheduler is also capable enough to schedule the tasks according to dynamically generated priority. To demonstrate the performance of proposed scheduler, a simulation environment has been implemented and the performance of proposed scheduler is compared with the other three baseline schedulers (conventional priority scheduler, fuzzy based priority scheduler and vague based priority scheduler). Conclusion: Proposed scheduler is also compared with the shortest job first CPU scheduler as it is known to be an optimized solution for the schedulers. Simulation results prove the effectiveness and efficiency of intuitionistic fuzzy based priority scheduler. Moreover, it provides optimised results as its results are comparable to the results of shortest job first.


CPU scheduler, Intuitionistic fuzzy set theory, Intuitionistic fuzzy inference system, scheduling algorithm, Priority scheduling algorithm


Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Supriya Raheja, The NorthCap University, Gurgaon

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