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An Efficient Method for Coronavirus Detection Through X-rays using deep Neural Network


P. Srinivasa Rao*, Pradeep Bheemavarapu, P. S. Latha Kalyampudi and T. V. Madhusudhana Rao  


Background: Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a group of infectious diseases caused by related viruses called coronaviruses. In humans, the seriousness of infection caused by a coronavirus in the respiratory tract can vary from mild to lethal. A serious illness can be developed in old people and those with underlying medical problems like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and chronic respiratory disease. For the diagnosis of the coronavirus disease, due to the growing number of cases, a limited number of test kits for COVID-19 are available in the hospitals. Hence, it is important to implement an automated system as an immediate alternative diagnostic option to pause the spread of COVID-19 in the population.

Objective: This paper proposes a deep learning model for classification of coronavirus infected patient detection using chest X-ray radiographs.

Methods: A fully connected convolutional neural network model is developed to classify healthy and diseased X-ray radiographs. The proposed neural network model consists of seven convolutional layers with rectified linear unit, softmax (last layer) activation functions and max pooling layers which were trained using the publicly available COVID-19 dataset.

Results and Conclusion: For validation of the proposed model, the publicly available chest X-ray radiograph dataset consisting COVID-19 and normal patient’s images were used. Considering the performance of the results that are evaluated based on various evaluation metrics such as precision, recall, MSE, RMSE & accuracy, it is seen that the accuracy of the proposed CNN model is 98.07%.


Coronavirus, covid-19, chest x-ray radiographs, real time – polymerase chain reaction, VGG19, convolutional neural network.


Department of CSE MVGR College of Engineering(A). Vizianagaram,A.P., Department of IT. MVGR College of Engineering(A). Vizianagaram,A.P., Deparment of IT, BV Raju Institute of Technology, Hyderabad, Telangana,, Department of CSE Vignan Institue of Information Technology Visakhapatnam, A.P.

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